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 · 9 November 2012 - Nick

I have just started a new little business, completely different from the normal job. It is called "Everything is illustrated" and we work with artists from around the world to make everyday practical items beautiful. Our first item is the microfibre cleaning cloth and you can check it out here. Hope you like it.

 · 26 June 2012 - Garth


The Next Chapter...

After 17 stupendous years and consuming nearly 3000 gallons of tea, the prolific, creative and extremely enthusiastic British production company, Hammer & Tongs will be taking a well-earned rest while Nick Goldsmith and I (Garth Jennings) pursue separate adventures. We couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved together since meeting at art school back in the days of Brit Pop and fax machines, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the music videos, commercials, short films, website, animations, CD’s, t-shirts, radio shows, creatures, screenplays, movie cameos, virals, gigs, TV segments, film festivals, school and college seminars, DVD’s, books, movies and even custom made ‘baby grows’ as much as we did making them.

This might be a good time to answer the question Nick and I are asked the most, “Why are you called Hammer & Tongs?” Well, because it summed up how hard we worked and how much passion, energy and care we put into everything we made. None of it was easy, but it really is the best job in the world (also, we couldn’t think of a better name at the time.)

Though we are about to take different paths, we’ll carry the Hammer & Tongs ethos wherever we go next. So stay tuned, because as this glorious chapter of our funny little lives comes to an end, the next promises to be even more wonderful.

Garth & Nick

 · 1 December 2011 - Garth

My video for Radiohead's Lotus Flower has been nominated for a GRAMMY!

 · 23 November 2011 - Garth

I've been so busy, I completely forgot to update this news page! I'm writing a screenplay for a super-exciting movie and working on all kinds of crazy projects. I hope to update you on my progress in the new year. We shot some commercials too. Rock on!

 · 29 April 2011 - Nick Goldsmith

Its all in the name, and this illustration agency has a great one. Check out their artists here at Pickled Ink

 · 25 February 2011 - Garth

Our recent PG Tips ads are up for some Golden Arrow awards. We'll let you know if we win.

 · 5 January 2011 - Garth

Son of Rambow was number ten in ITV's "Top 10 Family Films of the Decade." Thanks to everyone who voted and contributed to the show.

 · 24 November 2010 - Garth

Sweet baby Jesus - Amazon just sold out of our DVD! While they replenish stocks feel free to shop elsewhere. Our DVD looks set to be this years Avatar!

 · 4 November 2010 - Garth

Our Hammer & Tongs DVD is out now! A labour of love and packed with treats. Available on Amazon and all good retailers.

 · 13 October 2010 - Garth

We are icons! Last night at the UK MVA's Ed O'Brien from Radiohead presented Nick and I with the Icon award for our "contribution to the music video industry."

 · 21 September 2010 - Garth

Son of Rambow will be released in Japan on 6th November 2010!

 · 10 September 2010 - Garth

We will be judging the Town Called Panic animation competition. Looking forward to seeing your genius at work.

 · 10 September 2010 - Garth

Poster of the week! This is just the beginning people!

 · 10 September 2010 - Garth

Hammer and Tongs have joined forces with Optimum Releasing to help promote the most fantastic animated film of the year: A Town Called Panic. I will keep you posted on all the great things planned around its release in October.

 · 10 September 2010 - Garth

Son of Rambow is about to have its theatrical release in Japan. They have made a lovely website, a great little page of some of our videos and an iPhone app is on it's way! We really hope you enjoy the film Japan!!

 · 26 July 2010 - Garth

You can follow us on Twitter now. Our forum keeps breaking so this will be a much better way to stay in touch from now on. x

 · 23 July 2010 - Garth

A Town Called Panic is one of the most fantastic animated films ever made and it is screening at Somerset House along with Team America 31st July. Prepare to have your mind blown by a cowboy, an Indian and a horse.

 · 12 January 2010 - Garth

Our commercial for PG Tips Breakfast" is number 10 in ITV's 20 Best Ads of the Decade"!!! The ads were voted for by a panel of 8,000 viewers from ITV’s shortlist and transmitted on Sunday December 20th 2009.

 · 1 April 2009 - Garth

Son of Rambow just won BEST COMEDY at the EMPIRE AWARDS 2009! We're delighted, surprised and extremely grateful to all of you who voted. See us collecting our prize here.

 · 19 March 2009 - Garth

Son of Rambow just won The City of Malmö's Children Film Award! We could not collect the award in person, so my dad went on our behalf. Click here for photos.

 · 25 February 2009 - Garth

Son of Rambow needs your vote! The Empire Awards are almost upon us and you can vote for Son of Rambow by clicking here!. It will only take you a few minutes to register and we'd be very grateful. x

 · 15 January 2009

BAFTA nomination for Son of Rambow! That's right people - we're up for a flippin' BAFTA - the Carl Foreman Award to be precise. If we win I will eat my pants.

 · 28 October 2008

Son of Rambow has been nominated for 4 BIFA Awards! Best director, best screenplay and best newcomers for Bill Milner and Will Poulter.

 · 9 October 2008 - Garth

Our video for 'A-Punk' by Vampire Weekend just won BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR at the Q AWARDS!

 · 25 September 2008 - Garth

I am standing in for Joe Cornish on the Adam & Joe Show on BBC 6 Music for three weeks . Saturday 9am until 12pm (20th, 27th September and 4th October.) Lots of good music and mindless chit-chat.

 · 18 August 2008 - Garth

SON OF RAMBOW WON THE "PRIX DU PUBLIC" AT THE LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL! We screened the film in the Piazza Grande to 8 thousand people (!) and the audience voted it their favourite film of the festival. God bless you Switzerland!

 · 18 August 2008 - Garth

Son of Rambow will be released in Israel on 14th August, Germany on 21st August, Greece gets it on 28th August then Australia and New Zealand will have it on 4th September. Hope you all enjoy it!

 · 10 July 2008 - Nick Goldsmith

So you can now buy our Hold Music album called HAPPY ON HOLD on Amazon.com. It is a wonderful collection of funny clips to keep you happy whilst on hold. Check it out here

 · 3 July 2008 - Nick Goldsmith

So we have now made a Hammer & Tongs facebook page if you want to become a fan and show support just click here

 · 1 April 2008 - Nick Goldsmith

Become a fan of our film Son of Rambow by joining its own official facebook page here

 · 29 March 2008 - Nick

Son of Rambow soundtrack is now available to buy on itunes, and we will be updating the Son of Rambow website soon, with some extra Son of Rambow stuff, so keep posted.

 · 7 March 2008

So the Son of Rambow short film competition is now live and you can enter your films here we are still tweaking a few things so be patient. But get filming and upload your films to enter the competition. Good Luck!

 · 3 March 2008 - Garth

The official Son of Rambow website is online and includes a competition for anyone with amazing movie making skills!

 · 25 February 2008 - Nick Goldsmith

Just a quick heads up, to let you know that we are going to be launching a short film competition to coincide with the release of Son of Rambow. We will post details here as soon as we have them, but in the meantime start thinking about stuff to send in. The theme will be action movie, and the film should be no longer than 3 minutes.

 · 30 January 2008 - Garth

Check out the U.S trailer in High Definition and the one sheet poster for Son of Rambow.


 · 24 January 2008 - Garth

Good news people! Our movie Son of Rambow will be released in the UK on 4th April. Trailers, posters and all manner of exciting stuff coming very soon. And if you live in the U.S you can check out our trailer which is playing ahead of Rambo 4 (what else!)

 · 22 October 2007 - Nick

We now have a US release date for Son of Rambow on May 2nd 2008, we will keep you posted on the UK and rest of the world dates as and when we get them.

 · 17 September 2007 - Nick Goldsmith

Son of Rambow will be playing at The London Film Festival on Saturday October 27th, for more info and to buy tickets see the festival website BFI

 · 24 August 2007 - Nick Goldsmith

Son of Rambow will be playing at The Toronto Film Festival on September 14th, for more info see the festival website TIFF

 · 8 February 2007 - Garth

More great news! After it's premier screening at the Sundance Film Festival, Son of Rambow (working title) was bought for distribution by Paramount Vantage. We'll let you know when they plan to release it and to all of you who worked on the film, a very big thank you indeed.

 · 1 December 2006 - Garth

Great news... Our movie, Son of Rambow (working title), has been given one of the premier slots at this years Sundance Film Festival. We are currently finishing off the sound and music and it's all looking wonderful.

 · 2 October 2006 - Garth

We wrapped Son of Rambow (working title) on Monday 25th September 2006 and today we begin post production. It's been an amazing 8 week shoot and our hats are off to our cast and crew for being extraordinarily excellent. So far, so very good...

 · 3 March 2006 - Garth

"The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" is nominated for Best British Film and Best Comedy at the Empire Awards. A very big thanks to all of you who voted for it.

 · 17 February 2006 - Nick Goldsmith

We just came across a wonderful website celebrating the little character we designed in our video for Blur: Coffee & TV. Check out Milky fan.com here.

 · 14 February 2006 - Garth Jennings

French sales house Celluloid Dreams is to part-finance and our next film – Son of Rambow (working title.) We’re very excited and will keep this page updated with news as and when it happens...

 · 1 February 2006 - Garth

Oh Dear. Our song was not nominated for an Oscar. Never mind. We never know what to wear to those things anyway.

 · 10 January 2006 - Garth

It appears that "So Long & Thanks For All The Fish" is a contender for the shortlist for 'Best Song' at the Oscars this year. If you know anyone on the Academy board strongly suggest to them that they put it in the final five! VOTE FISH!

 · 24 October 2005 - Garth

We are busy editing the new video for Beck's "Hell Yes". It was shot in Los Angeles last week, with some very unique characters. It should be finished in a couple of weeks so keep posted for news.

 · 7 September 2005 - Garth

Our video for 'Lost Cause' by Beck had to be taken off our website because we aren't authorised to show it. If you would like to see it you can visit Beck's website.

 · 7 September 2005 - Garth

The HHGG DVD is out! We especially recommend you check out "Don't Crash" by Grant Gee on the 2nd disc. Hope you enjoy it.

 · 11 May 2004 - Nick

So today is the official launch date of the movie website www.hitchhikersmovie.com. This will be the place to find out any info on the film as and when it happens.

 · 5 March 2004 - Nick

So we are just 6 weeks away from the start of shooting on Hitchhikers. All is going extremely well, and the team is stronger than ever check out ASYLUM who are doing all of our SFX on the film.

 · 17 June 2003 - Nick

There has been an article in Variety.com, saying that a certain UK producing/directing team, are on board to make the movie "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". We'll keep you posted!

 · 8 July 2002 - Nick

The Tongs have floated the company! We have moved offices to a boat. Our new address is "Poppy" @ Holborn Studios, 49-50, Eagle Wharf Road, London. N1 7ED.

 · 8 July 2002 - Nick

Garth is now a happily married man. Huge Congratulations on a fantatstic day from all at Tongsville.

 · 14 September 2001 - Nick

Today Preloaded completed the new Hammer & Tongs website. I think it speaks for itself! Jump on the train above and take a ride to the city center! Enjoy...



 · 26 June 2012 - Garth

Click here for our showreel...

...or feel free to explore Tongsville while Nick and Garth take a well earned break.

 · 23 November 2011 - Garth

Here is an ad I directed for Goodfella's!


 · 23 November 2011 - Garth

Here is a scary ad I directed for Phones 4 U.. And here's another one with a zombie in it!

 · 25 February 2011 - Garth

I directed the video for Radiohead's new single 'Lotus Flower.' The reaction has been tremendous.

 · 19 January 2011 - Garth

Happy new year. Our latest PG Tips ad is on air now. We are rather pleased with it. More PG to come this year

 · 8 November 2010 - Garth

Son of Rambow has just been released theatrically in Japan

 · 4 November 2010 - Garth

Just completing 3 new commercials for PG Tips. A blast to make and a joy to behold. Coming soon...

 · 14 September 2010 - Garth

"Don't tell 'em about the honey, mummy!"
The Honey Monster returns!

 · 23 July 2010 - Garth

Our Maynard's Wine Gums ads are running on TV. Warning: contains hypnotic moose.

 · 11 May 2010 - Garth

Our most recent commercials are on the showreel. Click the link!

 · 27 November 2009 - Garth

Our ads for Matthew Walker Christmas Puddings are on air now. Click here to see the full length version on YouTube.

 · 17 November 2009 - Garth

Our video for the new Vampire Weekend single "Cousins" will premier on MTV worldwide on 19th Nov' and Channel 4 on 20th Nov'. I'll post a link soon...
Here is the link!

 · 3 June 2009 - Garth

We've just completed the new Boots Summer Campaign for Mother. Click here to see one of the series.

 · 7 May 2009 - Garth

We have just finished two commercials for Pot Noodle: "Kebab Lab" and "Tastified." They are currently on air and the nation is singing along! Click here to see them for yourself.

 · 12 March 2009 - Garth

Our recent TV commercial for PG Tips "Breakfast" (the Morcambe and Wise-inspired dance routine) just won the gold prize at the British Televison & Advertising Awards!


 · 26 September 2008 - Garth

Need to check out the latest H&T showreel? Just click here!

 · 28 August 2008 - Garth

There will be a Hammer & Tongs retrospective at the Portobello Film Festival on Wednesday 3rd September 2008.

 · 18 August 2008 - Garth

Our album of telephone hold music "Happy on Hold" is now available on iTunes. Let us know what you think. xGarth

 · 4 July 2008 - Garth Jennings

Our commercials for Foxes Biscuits starring a computer animated panda with a Brooklyn accent are currently on air.

 · 3 March 2008 - Garth

Our video for Vampire Weekend seems to be going down very well on YouTube - over a million hits so far!

 · 21 January 2008 - Garth

More Radiohead news! I'm actually a bit late posting this up but I helped make more stuff for the recent radiohead "Scotch Mist" webcast on new years eve. For all the info go to Adam Buxton's website and look out for the video we made for 'Nude.'

 · 13 November 2007 - Garth

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining forces with Adam Buxton and helping Radiohead with a 3 hour webcast from their studios in Oxford. For a more personal account of this adventure visit Adam Buxton's website.

 · 13 November 2007 - Garth

We have just shot a video for Vampire Weekend on XL Recordings. The song is called 'A-Punk' and it should be ready to view in a week or so.

 · 20 September 2007 - Garth

Although it's not related in anyway to Hammer & Tongs, I just felt I should draw your attention to a fantastic series called Flight of The Conchords that starts on BBC4 on 25th Sept, 9.30pm. It's very funny.

 · 3 September 2007 - Garth

The Tongsville Bank is back open for your messages. Feel free to pop in, leave messages, ask questions or just noodle about.

 · 16 April 2007 - Garth

Squidvicar (Dominic Leung & Garth Jennings) played their first gig in ten years on Friday 13th April at the Whitechapel Gallery. Thanks to Nick Hutchings for asking us to play and all our lovely friends and family for coming along to listen.

 · 2 February 2006 - Garth

We've just wrapped on a shoot for Hot Chip's next single, "And I Was A Boy From School." Should be out soon...

 · 4 January 2006 - Nick

Just before Christmas we finished three commercials for Sky Vegas @ Mother London, which should be airing right about now.

 · 9 November 2005 - Garth

We have just delivered the video for Beck's new single, "Hell Yes." It's worth pointing out that the robots featured in the video are completely real. Many thanks to the lovely programmers at Sony Japan for all their hard work!

 · 7 September 2005 - Garth

We have just delivered the video for 'Low C' by Supergrass. It's a documentary about a wonderful mermaid show in Weeki Wachee, Florida. Our thanks to all the mermaids and locals who helped make it one of the most enjoyable shoots we've ever had!

 · 20 May 2005 - Nick

Okay, so its not exactly Tongs work, but Preloaded have done an amazing job at transforming Tongsville. we now have Vogon spaceships, improbability, and a load of new pictures in the gallery. Enjoy!

 · 28 February 2003 - Garth

We have just shot a series of ads for Orange. The shoot took place in South Africa and the clips should be on air in the UK in a few weeks. The ads were written and commissioned by Mother and we're very excited about them...

 · 23 January 2003 - Garth

We have just finished a video for The Wannadies called "Little by Little." It should be on a TV near you soon but if can't wait then visit www.thewannadies.com and let us know what you think in the Tongsville bank.
PS: look out for the dancing nipple shot!

 · 11 December 2002 - Santa

The Beck video is finished and on air. Let us know what you think in the Tongsville Bank.

 · 15 October 2002 - Garth

We have just been confirmed to make Beck's new video. The song is called "Lost Cause" and the shoot will take place next week.

 · 7 October 2002 - Garth

Our B.T Broadband commercials have finally come out! Let us know what you think on the message board at The Tongsville Bank. There is also a special 2 minute cut running at cinemas until December (look out for the kabuki men and some extra rocket action!)

 · 7 October 2002 - Garth

The Wannadies video for "Little By Little" is finished. Thanks to everyone who sent in clips and a very special thank you to Dom for an amazing edit. Not sure when it's coming out - we'll keep you posted...

 · 11 September 2002 - Garth

SHOOT YOURSELF! We are working on a music video with The Wannadies. Go to www.thewannadies.com and do as you are told.

 · 2 September 2002 - Nick

We have just been confirmed to do three ads for Hewlett Packard in America. Due to shoot mid to end of September in Los Angeles.

 · 29 July 2002 - Nick

At the end of 2000, we decided to make an annual illustrating our work over the last year. We made a short run, which sold out quickly. Due to the large level of interest, we have decided to make the book available digitally. it can be downloaded here: H&T Annual

 · 15 May 2002 - Garth

The video for Badly Drawn Boy's "Something To Talk About" is now out there in MTV land. It had to be re-edited because TV people were worried about a scene involving a car, a girl and a very big duck poo. Alas, the original version will never see the light of day, but seeing Damon on Countdown makes it all worth while. Your thoughts are always welcome at the Tongsville bank.

 · 5 March 2002 - Nick

The first Badly Drawn Boy video for "Silent Sigh" is now finished and showing on MTV. Its the one with the robot and the duck! The next one will be finished next week for the track "Something to talk about"

 · 28 November 2001 - Nick

Eiffel's Blessing is at last available to buy on DVD, exclusively from the Tongsville shop. This short film by Garth Jennings, is a classic love story between a table and a chair set in a small Paris cafe.

 · 3 September 2001 - Nick

We have just recently finished a number of commercials for ITV Digital starring Johnny Vegas and Monkey. Three out so far and another six to air soon......

 · 20 August 2001 - Nick

Caller number 417 in a phone queue? Happy on hold? Probably not, unless the culprits have invested in the curious offerings of Hammer & Tongs' HoldMusic.net, please hold...


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